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Bricsys® provides world-class engineering design software under the global BricsCAD® brand. At its core, it knows that the addition of new features does not necessarily mean increased user productivity. In using CAD, the speed of accurate production is important but efficient workflows are paramount. Designs need to be efficiently documented, and both graphical and non-graphical […]

How to Set the Right Mood and Pace for Music Videos? In music, it’s not all about the sound and videos are important as well. Of course, I’m not saying that working on music, producing it, mixing and creating a great composition is not important. It simply doesn’t stop there – in the music industry, […]

10 Tips While Shooting For a Corporate Video: The Importance of a Corporate Identity Manual You’ve been hired to shoot a corporate video. While you want to put your stamp on the project, it’s wise to realize that corporate clients can be very picky about how they want themselves and company assets, like logos and […]

Visual content is gaining more and more in terms of importance in modern marketing. The reason for this is simply because the crowd is turning towards this type of content and has more interest in it than any other. Video content is especially valuable as it has the power to say a lot to viewers […]

If you like traveling and you have time to do this often, you might consider documenting your travel experiences. If you are looking to do this, there are two options at your disposal. You can write your impressions, experiences, and adventures on your blog, or make video recordings and post clips online. In this post, […]