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10 Tips While Shooting For a Corporate Video: The Importance of a Corporate Identity Manual You’ve been hired to shoot a corporate video. While you want to put your stamp on the project, it’s wise to realize that corporate clients can be very picky about how they want themselves and company assets, like logos and […]

A lot of planning and work goes into putting together a great wedding, so you want to be sure that you have the right person behind the camera to capture the action and create a lasting memory you’ll always treasure. Here are some smart questions you should ask your prospective wedding videographer. Any wedding video […]

Visual content is gaining more and more in terms of importance in modern marketing. The reason for this is simply because the crowd is turning towards this type of content and has more interest in it than any other. Video content is especially valuable as it has the power to say a lot to the […]


If you like traveling and you have time to do this often, you might consider documenting your travel experiences. If you are looking to do this, there are two options at your disposal. You can write your impressions, experiences, and adventures on your blog, or make video recordings and post clips online. In this post, […]


How to Make an Interesting Video of Your Holiday These are golden days for the amateur filmmaker. No more bulky film cameras or camcorders – the smartphones we carry in our pockets give us the power to capture compelling footage that can make our holiday trip come to life. And with a relatively small investment […]

Title picture Why You Should Make No budget Films

Seeing the words “no budget” usually invokes thoughts of poorly made short films that have flooded YouTube, and long hours, no pay and little reward. I won’t deny that all the above is true when you are a glass half empty type of person, but I believe there are some compelling reasons to do no […]


Whether you’re trying to enter the blogging scene or make a career out of your visual expression, styling your pictures is a must. Though everything’s possible in the digital age, it won’t take you long to discover that delivering a professional quality photograph isn’t as easy as we usually assume. In between lighting, color palettes […]