Unseen Classics

We’re back aftr another short break to bring you our October episode! For the month of horror we decided to bringe the Psycho franchise since Jason had not yet seen any of the sequels. An extra long episode since we’ve been gone for a bit and aren’t sure when we’ll be back, so after we […]

This week we returned to something a little more current and address the similarities between two of the big superhero movies of 2016. Civil War and Batman v Superman were quickly compared to one another what with their common theme of superheroes needing to be kept in check. Jason is very much team Marvel on […]

Rosemary's Baby

We’re finally back with our normal format! Our first horror movie (if you don’t count The Room) is Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanksi. Based on a novel and released in 1968, Rosemary’s Baby was a creepy little treat. Cybil Shepherd finally can relax as we found our new crush in Mia Farrow. We hope […]

force awakens

Unseen Classics Episode 7: The Force Awakens It is a time of civil unrest for the podcast. We were supposed to watch The Crow with Rolphy, but circumstance prevented this occurrence. In the gothic/action classic’s stead, and upon arrival of a giant cardboard smuggling freighter, it was decided that an appropriate film for Unseen Classics […]


Alex is a self-proclaimed Hitchcock-Poser, and we address that in today’s episode. A huge fan of Psycho, he somehow has not seen most of Hitchcock’s movies. Today’s subject is the obsession thriller Vertigo. What did our resident Norman Bates fanatic think of a different entry in Alfred’s filmography? Well, let’s just say this episode is […]

The Fragile

Bonus episode! We’ll be back later this week with our normal programming, but today we broke from our format a bit to discuss Alex’s favorite album from his favorite band: The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails. Rolphy, a talented musician we have worked with multiple times, and a good friend of ours, had not yet […]