How much is it going to cost? This is the most common and important question to ask when buying a service such as video production. There is no set price for any type of project due to the fact there are many factors in pricing a video. These are some basic factors for pricing out a video production project:

  • Amount of crew members
  • length of shoot
  • Difficulty of shoot
  • Actors, props, and locations
  • Music
  • Special equipment rental
  • Editing length

Not every video falls into a category for pricing, as each production is unique. We aim to keep the costs low and provide a clear price once we have mapped out your project. Here are some levels of productions and pricing. remember that these are just estimates and your project may be less or more expensive

Basic Production Pricing
Basic script writing and idea generation ,1-2 crew members for up 2 days. 4k recording, professional sound recording, 1-2 locations, basic lighting set up editing up 2 full days, up to 2 revisions, basic graphics and music. Multiple format delivery.
Example projects:
Interviews, events and weddings, basic 30 sec -1 minute commercial, basic music video.
Mid-Level Production Pricing
Full script writing up to 10 pages, multiple idea generation,up to 5 crew members including contractors for simple VFX, paid actors music creation and more for up to a week of filming or work. 4k recording up to 3 cameras, professional sound recording, Multiple locations, basic graphics and VFX, up to 1 week of editing time, up to 4 revisions, custom music, multiple format delivery.
Example Projects:
Multiple interviews, full event and wedding package, broadcast style commercial or multiple commercials or web content videos, mid level music video production and more.
Full Service Production Pricing
Over $5000/project
Script writing up to 50 pages or for a series of videos, 12 ideas generated, full crew for pre production, production and post production, paid actors full professional sound recording and crew, multiple VFX, filming for longer than one week, multiple custom music pieces, full editing and post production provided by a team of professionals. Unlimited revision and data storage, unlimited delivery options including theater, web and broadcast.
Example Projects;
Company or profile documentaries, series of commercials or full broadcast style commercial, full music video production or multiple music videos and much more.

Sometimes you may need to hire a videographer to only capture the video and deliver the RAW footage for an internal editing. Alternatively, you may need a video footage you already own to be cut into a video or a previous video changed in some way. If you need a service and not everything included in our packages above, take a look below at our hourly rates.

1 camera operator with 4K capture, basic audio recording and lighting set up. An additional $75 per videographer. RAW footage provided to client after payment.
Covers any post production services such as editing new or existing project, audio mixing and mastering, graphic and title creating, color grading, basic motion graphics. Final drafts delivered to client after payment. Discounts available on large scale projects.
Script writing, script revision, audio recordings for podcasts and more

Custom Quote

To help us come up with a more exact quote please gather as much of the information listed below. We can send a detailed quote to you within 24 hours. Don’t worry if you don’t have some or any of this information available. Part of our services is working with clients to create content and help them discover the best video and budget for them

  • Any online videos that fit either story, idea, set up, color, mood, atmosphere and more. Provide detail for each video on how it fits what you are trying to accomplish
  • General outline or overview
  • Previous videos you have created
  • Budget range (if possible)
  • Projected project start date and end date
  • Any questions you have for us and our services