The Details

As a small and new company finding work with larger corporations is difficult unless you already have a contact in the industry. Larger brands spend millions of dollars on video advertising a year and with fewer people watching broadcast commercials, sometimes the ends don’t justify the means.

This has given the rise to video contests from large corporations all over the world for filmmakers of all skill levels. This allows these brands to have a plethora of choices for a fraction of the cost. On the flip side, this allows small companies and even individual filmmakers to flex their creative muscle and get seen by large brands they otherwise wouldn’t have.

We have done a few of these contests with quite a bit of success. The Trip Advisor contest asked filmmakers to create a 30-second broadcast commercial that would actually air on TV, not to mention a hefty 25k grand prize.

We brainstormed a lot of ideas and settled on something simple and effective. This is something you want to be able to do for clients, because who doesn’t like to save money? Once the shoot was completed with some wonderful actors in the community, we heard from the owner of Trip Advisor we had won! Not only did we get a large payday which allowed us to upgrade our equipment, but we also got a video on TV! With our company being so young this was the shot in the arm we needed. Creating effective ads works on any budget, and this project proves that.

Trip Advisor is a great site that helps take away all the planning for your vacations. Check out their site!

About The Project