Birthday Massacre

The Details

We had dabbled in creating a music video in the past, but most of our efforts were geared towards short parody videos for our web series “Head Trauma”. Before we could offer music videos to potential clients we needed to develop a reel showcasing our talents and what we could offer clients that other production companies could not. We came across a music video contest for the national band “Birthday Massacre”. We decided that creating our first music video would gain more exposure if it was from a national act, so we quickly agreed to make this our top priority,

Normal music videos that feature the cliche band playing or other elements was something we wanted to avoid. Our strength is in our storytelling and most music videos lack much story. After studying the lyrics we decided to write a story that fit into the context of the words best. We also combined zombies, because their popularity was high at the time. Focusing on one woman who has a tough choice to make brought some emotional weight to the visuals.

Keeping the project at under $500 was tricky. We found a great location, some awesome actors and extras and hit the ground running. One Promise was shot over 3 days, with the 2nd day ending during a fierce snow storm. What came out of this first attempt at a music video is a professional looking, and interesting video that could easily be mistaken for something that was much higher in cost.

We ended in the top 10, and got a special letter from the band saying that they really liked the video and how we interrupted their lyrics. Besides placing high in the contest we also had a great product we could showcase to future clients on how we can make unique content, even in a saturated market.

About The Project