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One of the tougher choices businesses face when it comes to video marketing is when is the right time to create content. A product or service launch is a no-brainer, but if you hold frequent events, when is the right time to capture it?

The first step is to decide if there is any value in creating a video of the event. Above is a video we captured for the Denver-based Linux computer company, System76. Every year they hold an event for their biggest fans called: Superfan. These lucky few get flown out to Denver and spend a weekend learning more about the company and participating in focus groups on future projects. Having a video that showcases what the event was like for those who could not make it, not only helps raise your brand awareness but in this case, shows how important the customers are to System76.

It helps the event was themed. Mixing technology that companies have built using their products and the popular tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons, gave the event a unique feel. We were hired to capture the entire event and edit together a 5-minute video. We ran 2 cameras all day, had one speaker with a lav mic and a floating boom operator to capture the rest of the sound. When hiring a video production company to capture your event it is best to know the times of each important booth, speaker, or any other activities. This allows your video crew to know where to be and what to capture. Also, make sure and discuss what important moments you want to be captured with your team.

The end result is a great 5-minute video that showcases just how important System76 fans are to them. When shared on social media, not only do you give the attendees something they can share with family and friends, but it also shows customers who weren’t able to attend what the event was like.

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