The Details

Creating engaging content can be very tricky. More and more businesses are seeing the value in video marketing, but are at a loss on how to do it effectively. There are so many different choices and directions, where do you start?

System76 a Linux computer company from Denver Colorado not only knows the value of video marketing, they rock at it. This was our 3rd project with them and also our most ambitious to date. They wanted to create a holiday ad that showed the power of Rasberry Pi’s and their computers, a;; wrapped around faimly bonding during the holidays.

System76 scripted and sketched out the general outline for shots. We were tasked with refining the shots, shooting the footage and editing. We shot this commrcial over 2 full days one one night, which was at a nearby house already equipped with a light show and  was inspiration for the idea.

This was the first commercial style video System76 had ever done, and it was shown at movie theaters nationwide before select movies played. This video also had a mojor push on social media and garnered thousands of views that helped have a bump in sales during the busy holiday season.

Creating content year round can be expensive, but is essential in video marketing. To check out more System76’s content or to learn more about their company, check out their website below.

About The Project