The Details

Rock Band is one the greatest music video game ever created. As a major fan of video games and music, this has been a staple of our parties for many years. Harmonix has been creating amazing music games since Frequency for the Playstation 2 in 2001 and continues with last year’s release of Rock Band 4. How does our love for this game and company matter to you the potential client?

Early last year Harmonix set out to create a viral video for their upcoming game Rock Band 4. We saw this opportunity to channel 2 things we love: Comedy and Video. Even though this was part of a contest (something we excel at. See TripAdvisor, One Promise, and A Song for Annabel Lee) we approach it just as we would any client video. Since there was pretty much no budget we decided to keep it simple and have our friends who are actors participate.

Instead of writing a detailed script our outline we wanted to make it feel real, which is how shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm excel in. We knew we wanted something in the vein of Spinal Tap since it fits well with the subject matter. So we wrote a very simple outline and just let the cameras role. After having a blast shooting the video we moved on to post-production. We edited the video to feel like a VH1 behind the music segment and sent it off to Harmonix.

After a week we got an email notifying us that we had one and that Harmonix was going to use our video on their social media. This further shows that 4th Kind Entertainment can work with all brands and companies with little to no budget and create engaging content. The video not only helped Harmonix to get exposure for their upcoming release, but it also gave us another cog in the gear for potential clients.

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