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Business-related events are the perfect place to have an event videographer. The value in having the event filmed either in its entirety or just certain sections is beyond a single reason. Events can be shot and broken up into multiple videos that you can use over time, for various marketing or both.

As you can see above One Business Connections, a networking firm in Colorado cut 4 videos out of one event. The best part is they only had to pay us once! The idea was to create multiple videos to use for different reasons.This is a great way to maximize your event videography. The day started with multiple speakers in breakout rooms covering topics such as success and going solo in the medical field. Since they both were going on simultaneously we had to expand our crew to 6.

After the breakout rooms were over the main speakers hit the stage. We decided to cover the speakers from 2 angles, a wide shot, and a close-up. The main issue was the lack of proper lighting, which is common for events. Make sure and always talk to you video production team to see how you can make your event video ready. Each speaker was on stage for one hour talking about who they gained success in the business world. This event featured paid attendees looking to gain as much information on how they can be successful in their industry.

The final portion of the day was a networking event. Businesses of all kind from all over Colorado had vendor booths set up. Part of our agreement with One Business Connection was to have our own booth at the networking portion. We had 2 team members at the booth to field questions and give out cards to potential clients. This kind of deal has worked for us before with the Innovation Pavilion. We had 2 camera operators roaming the networking portion.

After the event was over we sat with One Business Connection to come up with a plan on how to divide all the footage. They wanted to use small clips from the speakers online that would not only give a sense to visitors of what they can gain from their events, but also to potential speakers.

The breakout room sessions and individual speakers were given to their members online. This allowed the people who attended to revisit the speakers, but also gave those who could not attend a way to get the information. Their membership pays a monthly fee, so this also allowed them to gain more revenue from the event.

Lastly, we cut a sizzle reel of the entire event. This was to be used on their website and social media to gain more members. The value this event gave One Business connection is amazing. They teamed up with us early on and found an inexpensive and effective way to market their business and provide more content to their members. Event videography comes in many forms and can provide high value.

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