Wedding Video

The Details

Wedding videography is a competitive business that features dedicated video production companies. We wanted to continue to expand the services that we offered and weddings seemed like a natural extension for us. The past decade has seen a rise in couples hiring videographers to shoot their weddings. The videos range from just the ceremony to complete mini-films showing their big days.

Since we had not shot a wedding (besides a styled shoot) it was difficult to get our first client. Even though we have some great projects to show the bride and groom, we didn’t have a wedding video. Lucky for us Mike and Ally liked our work and gave us our first chance.

They wanted a 2 video package. One video of the entire ceremony and another 2-3 minute highlight video. Some brides and grooms have very specific requests of what they want to be captured, but Mike and Ally left it up to us. As with any event shooting, you want to capture as much as possible and edit the best parts in the final video. You have to be careful not to shoot too much, as it adds a lot of unnecessary work in  post, and a lot of companies charge per hour.

We went in with 4 microphones and 2 cameras that were both highly mobile. We had a basic plan that was based on the schedule and split up most of the day. With one camera operator capturing the wide version and the other capturing more intimate close-ups. Any time you capture a “live” event there are issues you have to work with. Things such as lighting, weather, and schedule changes have to be considered. The most important aspect of shooting a wedding is having the best moments for the bride and groom to revisit. It doesn’t have to be perfect and with experience a production company can make your wedding video amazing.

This was a great experience for us and ushered in a new service we could offer to clients.

About The Project