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As we continue into the digital era simply creating a video for your website or business isn’t enough. Visitors are used to seeing ads that disruptive and are usually not even viewed. This makes creating engaging content increasingly more difficult. Some advertisers continue to find more ways to be disruptive to online users, and although their views may be higher, their conversion rates drop. This is why we believe in creating content that serves it’s purpose, without being too disruptive.

Profile videos for businesses such as real estate can be very helpful. With so many agents in any metro area, how can a buyer or seller choose? Creating a profile video isn’t enough as there are many agents who have videos, but the main difference that can help viewers contact you through your video is content and quality. A professional looking and sounding video that states clearly why you are a good fit will always win over videos lacking substance.

We strive to create the best video with any budget. We not only help create the content, but we also help improve your ideas and make sure that the video fits you. A profile video isn’t just a way to quickly list your services, but a way for viewers to connect with you. Personality and compatibility are big reasons why you hire an agent. When they are helping you buy or sell a home, it’s very important they trust you and respect you.

Marilyn Ackerman’s video has the look, sound, and feel of high-quality. Since she posted it on her website she has seen a significant increase in customers contacting her.

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