Innovation Pavilion

The Details

Event videography for your business can be a difficult choice to make. Most companies have some sort of events such as summits, company parties, classes or conferences. Knowing if your event is right to film isn’t always clear. Does it have value as an internal or external video? Is there something you want others to know about your business that your event captures perfectly? If you haven’t filmed any of your companies events, all these questions can be daunting.

We have filmed many different events such as weddings, concerts, and conferences and they all have value just as much as other videos you might create. Innovation Pavilion is a one of a kind shared workspace for creatives and entrepreneurs in all different fields. They not only share space but are encouraged to network, can help with funding and give start up’s the resources they may not have. and even share resources if it fits. This is a great way for small businesses to have a great working location and network, but as a creative, we had not heard of them.

Through a mentor that helped us in the early years of our business came this great opportunity. Innovation Pavilion was having a 3rd-anniversary party and were about to launch a whole 2nd floor of offices. They wanted to not only have a video they could keep as a memory for themselves and those that work there but also use as a tool to let other creatives and startups in the Denver Metro Area know they existed. This is a rare time when a video works both internally and externally. As a added benefit we teamed up with them to offer party attendees FREE 30 second videos that were shot and delivered on site that night! A great way for both of us to promote ourselves!

Shooting events can always be tricky because there are a lot of variables you just don’t know until it starts. Rarely does everything match the initial plan. We scale to meet each project’s specific needs and we knew that we needed a larger crew than usual. We have many contractors that we work with when needed and called them in for this job. The first group filmed the actual celebration and award ceremony that kicked off the night, while a 2nd crew set up an area for the FREE videos.

Once the ceremony was over the first group covered the party and the 2nd group started filming the FREE videos. The main video turned ou fantastic and perfectly captured the Innovation Pavilions brand, while the winners of the FREE videos were impressed by our work. We got 2 great clients from it.

Sometimes an event paired with a video can accomplish more than one goal. Partnering up with a production company can also help your brand as you help theirs. Check out the innovation Pavilions website for more information.

About The Project