The Details

No matter how busy we get, or how much our client list grows, we continue to participate in spec projects. Spec projects are a great way to expand your portfolio, push the boundaries of your creativity, learn a new skill, or help aid in future sales.

Commercials at their core capture a simple basic idea. 15, 30, 45 seconds isn’t a long time to convey what a service or business is really about. That’s why focusing on a single theme will maximize the power of your commercial.

iHear Radio is known all over the world as one of the leaders of internet radio and streaming. There isn’t much content you can’t find on their platform, and it continues to grow every day. As they were looking to continue to expand their userbase, they sought out filmmakers worldwide to create a 3o sec spot that would help gain new subscribers.

Having worked on similar projects we wanted to make another broadcast ready commercial that added to our reel and expanded our exposure ever further. Once again we were working with a small budget but wanted a big budget feel and look. We locked down the emotions we thought best conveyed the brand and music in whole and shot it over 3 days.

Knowing the target group was the Instagram generation we built the look around their popular Nashville filter. Simple and to the point, advertising doesn’t always have to be complicated. Capturing feelings that many can understand can help grow your business and once again we show that it doesn’t require a large budget and a lot of fancy effects.

To learn more about iHeart Radio click on the link below.

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