Event videography

The Details

There are many reasons to create video projects for your brand. It’s easy to imagine projects that help drive sales, raise exposure, or to help launch a new service or product, but there are many other reasons to create video projects.

Goodwill has over 3000+ stores and donations centers and over a half million employees. A lot of large corporations have employee specific retreats, conferences, and summits. Sometimes these are only for specific employees such as management, but other times the information is valuable to all employees. Because logistically getting every employee you have to the same place at the same time is impossible, not to mention expensive, capturing it on video for those who could not attend is a great idea.

In the Summer of 2015 Goodwill held a large 3-day summit on career navigation in Colorado Springs Colorado. We were tasked with capturing the last day of the summit that featured teams presenting different aspects of career navigation. The video was then broken up into 15 sperate parts that could be shared with employees online who were unable to attend.

We have only posted one of the videos to give you a sense of some of our event video work. Not only was this a valuable training tool for those who could not attend, but also a great way for those who did to share their experience with others.

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