Rode Reel 2016

The Details

Here at 4th Kind Entertainment we started out as filmmakers. We ran a web series in our early years and also created many short films. Telling stories is our passion, and when we have the time we like to go back and create narratives.

Alex Burchfield has been a part of the company since the early years and DLC was the first project he pitched. After a failed attempt to do the story justice, we shelved the project. Fast forward to 2016 and the announcement of the global competition “The Rode Reel” and DLC was the first idea that came up.

Instead of telling the complete story from earlier drafts, we set out to tell a short ( the competition has a 3 min limit) version that introduced the world and the premise. We converted our headquarters in Denver, Colorado into a Drug Den and DLC was the most visually detailed short we have ever created. Telling this visually with little dialog was a challenge for us, but we believed the end result is something fantastic.

The story takes place in an alternate reality where downloading is not only illegal, but policed by the individual coprporations. This world also has audio tracks that act as drugs. The video is a PSA from one such company Sonic Solutions, with the aim to show that downlaoding can even be deadly!

We hope to create a full short with this rich world some time in the future.

Check out the behind the scenes video from the shoot.

About The Project