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For many years hiring someone to shoot your wedding was an afterthought. Most believed that the cost was too high and why would you need a professional video when you have photographer ND your nephew film it on a Handycam? With the cost of high-quality video being cheaper than ever and so many video production companies offering or specializing in wedding videography, you would be hard pressed to find many weddings NOT have a video.

In our blog post 7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Videographer   we discussed how to hire the best person for the job and how pricing packages work for weddings. We also detailed why Hiring a Fashion Photographer to shoot your wedding can help save you money but what does this information help produce for your wedding?

We don’t specialize in weddings, but we do enjoy shooting them when the opportunity comes our way. When Mr. Cotten contacted us to shoot his wedding he only was looking to shoot the ceremony, believing anything extra would be too much of a cost. We let him know that for just a little bit more than he already was spending he could have the entire day filmed and receive 2 videos. The above video was the ceremony video that would be considered in the lower price range for a wedding video package. It was filmed with 3 cameras. One wide from the back and 2 close ups on the bride and groom.

Shooting a wedding can be stressful. You want to make sure you capture all of the big one time moments as they happen.  The more coverage you have during the ceremony, the better chance for success. Audio can also be tricky, but usually, you mic the groom and whoever is officiating the wedding. The bride is close enough to both of them to get clean audio. We had to be careful with our exposure due to the cover above the bride and groom being much darker than the rest of the wedding ceremony area. Cutting together a ceremony is a breeze and it is usually why the price is so low. But if you have a just a bit extra why not have the videographers stay for the entire day so we can get a great highlight video? Having these videos is also a great way to share the big day with those who couldn’t attend.

If you are looking to hire a videographer for your wedding contact us to discuss our packages. Having a professional video will help keep the wonderful memory of your big day.

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