The Details


Twice a year the CDHS chooses 5 families for their “Celebrating Colorado Families” to award during a special luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion. Each family has a 2-3 minute video that showcases their stories and families.

We have been working with the CDHS since 2015 for their ‘Celebrating Colorado Families” program. We film 10 families every year for a few hours a day to create a 2-3 minute video telling the unique story of foster or adoption. Not only is this program great because these families get the recognition they deserve, but it’s very heartwarming to see youth that needs homes, some of which that have suffered from abuse and neglect but may also have disabilities.

With only a few hours per family, it’s very difficult to create content that truly represents them. Featuring an interview and broll of the family, we cut together a short video showcasing each families stories. These videos are shown at an event at the Governors Mansion where the family is awarded. The videos are also displayed on the Colorado Heart Gallery website. 

These videos are used to help other families who may be looking to adopt or foster. Creating these stories has always been one of our favorite projects. Seeing these kids in loving homes is amazing and the reaction to the videos has always been very positive.

To take a look at the videos we have created, click on the link to the Colorado Heart Gallery.

About The Project