Music Video Production

The Details

We had dabbled a bit in creating music videos, but we wanted to do more and work closely with an artist. Music videos marry 2 very important mediums. Music+Film. We had success with our previous music video for Birthday Massacre and wanted to continue or narrative approach to the medium.

Facebook is a great way to connect with potential clients and get referrals. If someone you have worked with before hears of a project, they usually will tag you in it. This happened in April of 2015 and we met local musician and hip artist Alex Roelfson AKA Rolphy. He had a view videos done in the past but wanted something more professional and fresh. This was right up our alley and we immediately hit it off.

He approached us with an idea already in mind, but we felt that it was too cliche of a music video. We asked if we could take some time and come up with a concept he would like. Brainstorming ideas is our forte. If you came by our office you would see whiteboards filled with them and our filing cabinet is stocked up on unproduced scripts and concepts. We knew we wanted to tell a story because Hip-Hop lends itself perfectly to storytelling. We came up with a science fiction concept that revolved around the freedom of expression being banned and his character held secret poetry meetings to the drones of society. His words gave him and them power.

Rolphy had a specific deadline and a very limited budget, which usually doesn’t work very well with science fiction. Because we are used to delivering great quality on little budgets we were able to capture everything we wanted and more.

Since Rolphy has a lot of people who believe in his music it was no problem getting extra help for hair, make-up and the many extras we needed. We shot the video over 3 days in 2 locations. We even made a little nod to our previous music video for The Birthday Massacre by using the same exterior location in the old open for Boom.

Everything about Boom feels like a film. The cold open, the way it was shot and the story. This video really made a difference in his career and we have collaborated with him on many projects since. Also, check out the behind the scenes video that accompanied the release below.

About The Project