Ralph Schomp BMW

The Details

The need for video for larger corporations is quite varied. Companies like BMW typically have an in-house team that works on most of their videos. The videos the team can’t take on are usually outsourced small local companies.

Ralph Schomp BMW located in Highlands Ranch Colorado was in need of a very specific type of video and their in-house production team already was working on another project. Lucky for us they mentioned it to a friend of ours and we jumped at the opportunity. They wanted to create an engaging high energy recruitment video that would play at their job fairs, and they had one coming up in just a week, and they had an even tighter budget.

After a quick meeting with management about what elements they wanted and looking at the location, we spent the next 2 days filming as much content as possible. Woking with a small budget can be tough, but it has been something we have excelled at since the beginning and continue to pride ourselves on. When the project also has a really tight deadline and an even briefer basic idea, things can get pretty tricky.

Our plan was to shoot it documentary style in the way of shooting a lot of footage, but also keeping in mind the quality that goes along with the brand. After 2 long shoot days and 3 longer post production days, we had a video that we felt captured the essence of working at a BMW dealership, but also keeping it raw and real and not dreamy as their broadcast commercials are.

Being able to step in for a client and exceed their expectations as we did with BMW is a testament to the creativity, dedication and skills 4th Kind Entertainment continue to deliver.

Check out Ralph Schomp’s website for more information.


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