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1. Weddings

Everyone who gets married has a photographer capture their big day, but video production is often looked at too expensive or unnecessary. Now that we have compact camcorders and DSLR’s at reasonable prices, the cost of having your wedding captured has dropped.

There still are a lot of couples that don’t think of video or think they can’t afford it. I argue in our blog that video may even be more important than pictures. You may never watch the ceremony until you’re much older, but having a great highlight video that captures the best moments is a great way to relive a day you may not remember because of the nerves. And having a short 3-4 minute is something you can share with everyone that couldn’t make it.

in 2015 we jumped into doing weddings here and there and love the entire experience. We have shot some style weddings and some real weddings during this time. There are a lot of great creative choices that can make these videos that can truly make them memorable.

Denver Wedding Videography

2. Concerts

Denver Concert Videography

Whether you are in a band, a solo musician, or even a recital for a loved one, having a concert video is very important. A lot of musicians starting out overlook the importance of having their concerts filmed.

Yes, you may be able to have your friend use his smartphone to record your concert, but what type of response will you get when you upload it? Besides the poor video quality, the video won’t sound very good. So what other choices do you have? We can accommodate almost every budget and create a great sounding multi-camera concert video that will amaze your fans. And if you have the budget we can even do a live stream of the concert.

This is a great way to show people how you sound live, which in the era of downloadable music, this is very important. We can even create a mini-documentary of the concert or multiple concerts. And even if you aren’t looking to rock your fans with a great convert video, they can still be very helpful for your own use.

Many musicians like to have a copy of their love performance so they can look and hear how they can improve. These videos can even be a single camera and can really help future performances.

We also offer packages for recitals and other music concerts such as symphonies or even just jamming out solo. Contact us and we can find the right package to make your music look and sound perfect.

3. Conferences

There are quite a few different videos we consider under the “conference” section of events. They can be a speaking engagement as this one is 1BC, a networking event, trade show, a TED talk or even an actual company conference.

For professional speakers having their speaking engagements captured are essential. It is a great way to make extra income as you can sell them online as downloads or dvds. Some speakers even stream their events at a charge for those who may not have been able to attend.

Businesses like the Innovation Pavillion had us capture their anniversary party and used the video to help gain exposure. GoodWill had us capture their employee conference so they could share it with those who couldn’t make it. Or perhaps your company has a multi-day event that features quite a few different events and wants to capture it all.

These can be as simple as single camera set up or multi-camera. And we have packages that fit into all budgets and can adapt to any circumstances. The bottom line is capturing this much footage can be used and a lot of different ways, and can even be made into many different videos, which will pay for itself in the long run.

Denver Corporate Event Videography

4. Sports

Denver Sports Videography

Sports is a big part of every culture. Whether you like to watch a game or are an active participant, there is nothing like the thrill of the game.

People of all ages play everything from softball to tennis and with video production coming down in price, there are many reasons you may want to capture the big game. For some, it’ s a great way to study how they or their team plays. Having a video you can visit can help you get better. This is a common practice for professionals that study each play, each move to become the best of the best. The good news is this isn’t as expensive as you might think. Whether it’s single cam or multi, with sound or without, there is an option for every budget.

Another great reason to capture the game is you have something to enjoy. Not every game you pay is worthy of video capture, but if you or your son/daughter is playing in an important game, it might be something you want to keep as a memory.

There is a wealth of options we offer to fit every vision and budget. No matter if you are playing soccer, touch football, golf or tennis, we have the right package for you.

5. Other


The events listed above are not the only ones that you may want to be captured. There are many other events that you may want to remember or even use to help grow your business.

Besides weddings, you or a loved one may have a big birthday bash or an important anniversary. Special events like a Bar Mitzvah, wedding announcement videos, or baby announcement videos are also commonly recorded affairs. The options to capture these special events are vast. We can make highlight videos, music videos or pretty much anything you can imagine, all within your budget and done they way you want.

Companies may have special parties or announcement events that may benefit from a video. The Innovation Pavilion had a 3 year anniversary where we offered FREE 30 second videos to 10 lucky winners. Not only did this help them gain some exposure, but also allowed us to do some powerful networking.

If you are unsure if your event is something that needs a video, contact us and we can answer all of your questions and help you decide if a video is best for you.

Denver Event Videography