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1. Product Profile/Demo

Commercials have been around since the radio and exploded onto screens in the early 1950’s with the introduction of television. One of the most popular and enduring commercial types is the product profile demo.

From cars to cereal we have all seen these types of commercials but the real question is do they still work in the era of the internet and much smarter consumers. The answer is yes. Showing your product on TV or the web is a great way to see your sales rise and the cost of producing a professional product commercial has never been cheaper.

We can work with you as we have with past clients to help make a clear and entertaining message. The key to a great product commercial is finding a great hook (comedy, drama etc.) that fits your brand and consumers. Another important element is length. A product commercial should be short and to the point, keeping it under 1 minute.

Even though this is labeled as a product it also includes services. Think of all the insurance or lawyer commercials and I’m sure you can see the connection to product commercials.

We will work with you every step of the way whether you already have a killer idea or need on. Not only are these commercials highly affordable, but they are some of the most effective types of video marketing.

Product Commercial

2. Viral

Interview and Testimonial Video

What is a viral video? The best way to explain this is a video that is shared, trending and explodes with views, usually over a short time. We have all seen a viral video that someone posts on social media, and we start to see it everywhere we go online.

A lot of production companies say they specialize in viral videos, but there is no “formula” to creating one. Everything from a singing baby to a remixed movie clip can become viral. No amount of planning can guarantee a viral video. So why should you try to make one?

The truth is there are ways to help a video go viral, and it’s all about being strategic and creating a video around it. A viral video doesn’t need 1 billion views to be considered successful. Even if your views are low, but the video is shared amongst your consumer base it is successful. We created a multi-part viral video for computer company System76 to help boost  their 4th of July sales. Not only was it entertaining and highly shareable, but also helped boost their sales. That’s what we call a success!

The most important part of a viral video is creating a campaign around it. This usually involves content beyond just a video and a lot of planning. Movie studios have been doing this with much success for many years. Just look at how the viral marketing worked for films such as The Blair Witch Project or even more recently 10 Cloverfield Lane. Not only did it help the filmmakers make a bucket load of money, but it kept people talking about their films long after it’s release.

Yes viral marketing is risky, and yes it can be more expensive but it also can be very fruitful. We will work with you to help create the campaign around the video and help make the video have a higher chance of success. And as a business owner, I am sure you know that taking calculated is risks is a great way to move your business to the next level.

3. Infomercial

Seeing the word “infomercial” brings up groan-inducing images of 3am TV filled with products like the Thighmaster and the ShamWow. Or the countless parodies on TV and film, but we still believe these commercials can be effective if done right.

If we break down what an infomercial is to its core, it’s just a long form commercial. If we take out the stereotypes such as a tacky and loud salesmen and a constant phone number there is a lot to mine if your business has a need.

One of the best ways to do an infomercial is to actually embrace the stereotypes through comedy. Perhaps your product isn’t very well known and using an instantly recognizable format helps draw viewers in. Comedy is one of the specialities and making people laugh is a great way to make them open their wallet.

If your brand doesn’t really lend itself to comedy you may still want an infomercial. They don’t have to be 30 mins long and can just feature a spokesperson, the product and perhaps some Broll. A good example of this is any Kickstarter video. You have the creators talk about the product, show you the product and have a call to action. Having an effective video like this can really help your business gain exposure, inform your customers and drive sales.

Feel free to ask us if an infomercial or another type of video is right for your business.


4. Narrative

Narrative commercials are a great way to break away from the typical mold. Creating an exciting, entertaining and still informative commercial wrapped around a great story has a lot of potential to help your business.

Narrative commercials aren’t just short movies, although they can be. Usually, they are wrapped around an idea or story that fits your brand or even your customers. We believe that moving further away from what people consider a “commercial” can help the highly skeptical public buy your product.

These commercials can even be multi-part and when your videos destination isn’t broadcast, you have a lot of freedom on how to create a video like this. Beer commercials have been doing these for years, or just look at most Super Bowl commercials and you can get a good idea at how these are effective to brands.

We mentioned our System76 shoot for their 4th of July sale and event hough it does fall into “viral” it also is narrative. Another one of our examples comes also from System76 wrapped around the holidays. A story of a father and daughter working on a holiday light project together with their product was a great subtle way to invoke emotion and not shove their product to their viewers.

Narrative commercials tend to be more expensive because they require an extra coat of polish compared to some other the other simpler videos. And even though they can be highly effective, that doesn’t mean they are right for all of your videos. You can still create a commercial in this style for broadcast or web at a fraction of what large brands pay and get more out of it.

5. Brand Awareness


Brand awareness commercials can fall into the categories above, but deserve a special mention. These commercials have a different focus than some of the other types as they are a way to let viewers know that you not only exist, but what your brand is about.

Most of these videos don’t show your product or service, although they can if it fits the idea behind it. A good example of this Apple ad and Nike Ads that we have all seen for many years. These commercials tend to focus on a feeling, a color palette or an idea that fits the brand.

Just because you are focusing on awareness doesn’t mean these videos can’t also boost sales. The Nike ads featuring the “Just do it” signifies a feeling and attitude when wearing the Nike Brand. There was a great Ted Talk discussing this type of advertising and why it’s so powerful. Apple sales people on an idea, and rarely shows their products on a  commercial. They focus on an aesthetic, music to invoke a feeling an idea among viewers. It’s subtle but very effective.

We created a video for a Xero Shoes, a shoe company based here in Colorado. The idea was to do a play off the 80’s drug ads. Instead of this is your brain on drugs, it was this was your foot in a shoe. The idea was to show why shoes damage your foot. This is a philosophy of Xero Shoes and the video was well received. It didn’t feature any sandals or other products. It was just a man and kid in a foot costume.

Brand Awareness