Being a wedding photographer is a really demanding profession, but if you are really good at it, then you are looking forward to a lucrative future. The key is to get a chance to shine, and afterward, recommendations will come your way. So, view every event like a potential job interview and try to satisfy your clients both before and after the event.

Here, we are going to discuss how to impress the happy couple in order to get the opportunity to be a photographer at their wedding. The key is to show your passion for photography and here’s how to do it.

Quality portfolio

Well, the first thing you need to do is to have a quality portfolio and to show them that making great pictures is what you are all about. So, before you show them your finest work, it would be good to have the photos edited using a software or photo editing tool. You have to know how wedding photos should be edited,  so if you are not acquitted with the procedure, you should at least start learning, because this will always come in handy.

Be one step ahead

It is always good to be prepared, and then to impress everyone with your plan. So, in order to ensure all of the photos look good, go to the target location a day before the event and see which angles will lead to the best photos and what kind of lighting you are going to need. You will also know whether you will need additional items like ladders, or lighting equipment, etc.

Impress them with creative suggestions

It is your duty to reassure the couple that they are making the right decision by choosing you, so give them some quality suggestions. Once they see you know how to do this, they will be at ease. You can give them some suggestion on which poses they should take during the photo shoot.

There are some great poses for the groom, and there are also great poses for the bride that will result in really good images. You should also instruct them on how to take photos as a couple and how to organize their family photographs.

Address their concerns immediately

When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, there are a lot of gray areas that should be covered in order to avoid potentially awkward situations. So, tell them immediately whether you will stay throughout the whole event, and when you will be taking a break. Tell them if you are bringing your own food, or if you expect to be covered for that as well. State if you are going to need additional equipment, or access to electrical outlets, and tell them what your package includes.

They need to know if they will get a formal album, or if guests need to pay for their own photos, and the format of the photos they will be getting, etc.

These are, generally speaking, some good ways to show your potential employers that they are in the right hands. You need to eliminate any doubts they might have and show them that you are on top of the situation.

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