Providing the necessary support to customers is very important in business. A business organization or an individual who wants to create a loyal customer base, it’s important to try and take special care of your existing customer and those potential ones.

There are many ways to improve your customer support. Having an open line for people to call and directly talk to employees that can help them is one of them. Implementing a knowledge base where customers can search for solutions they need is another.

Create good textual content that explains important issues customers might be interested in and so on. However, one type of content has become quite effective in the past couple of years – video content. This is why many businesses are turning towards creating customer support video and here is how you should do it.

1.Keep it short

The first thing you should consider is the length of the video altogether. Everything needs to be constructed in such way so that your video is as short as possible. One of the reasons why people turn to video content more than textual content is because they can consume video content more quickly.

The human brain can process a video a lot faster. However, this doesn’t mean that you should make it long and expect people to watch the whole video. Modern customers cherish their time and they don’t want to waste too much of it, especially if they realize that they really don’t have the need.

Be quick about it and don’t use more than 4 minutes to deliver what you have to say to your viewers.

2.Be direct


The second thing is directly related to the first one. If you include a lot of talking in your videos (and you probably will), make sure that you don’t beat around to bush and get straight to what is important. You can use the beginning seconds to summarize what you are going to talk about in the video and try to excite people about it.

However, after you’ve done that, get straight to the point and start explaining things. Customers who clicked on the video are looking to get some answers; they do not want to listen to metaphors. You need to make the video so that they feel like you are talking to them directly. So, be concise with the information you are presenting.

3.Talk about relevant things

If you are creating a video in which you are explaining how a certain product of yours is used, then TALK ABOUT THAT. I know that this might sound obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people make mistakes and simply lose focus here.

Don’t direct your attention or your viewer’s attention for that matter, towards anything else but the current topic and everything closely related to it. Talking about unrelated things can only confuse viewers and they might get the wrong message, which could lead to them making terrible mistakes.

4.Include illustrations and other visual enhancements


The best thing for these kinds of videos is to record a voice-over or film a person talking to customers directly. However, some things cannot be explained so easily with words or images. Even if they can, it’s still good to add some professional video effects that will deliver the message in a better way.

For example, if you are creating a how to video, creating an illustration for each step, combined with a voiceover, will make everything perfectly clear.

In the end, remember to create a high quality video editing that has great picture and sound quality. Customers need to be able to hear everything easily and see all the important things on screen. Make sure that your videos are displayed where people can find them and, well, that’s pretty much it. Good luck.


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Helen Clark

Helen Clark is a senior content manager who writes guest blogs for websites around the world.

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